Sunday, July 5, 2009

Time Off...

I have been working since the very first monday I got back to CA. It has been a huge blessing!! I was so worried about interviews and I got to skip it entirely! Not to mention Im actually working and being paid the most Ive ever been paid before! I have been there for about 2 months and I love it! I cant even begin to explain how wonderful it is to love going to work!! I have my "I dont want to go to work today" days but once Im there I couldnt be happier!! I am so thankful for that!

This week however the office is closed so I get a little vacation. Madison is going to go to preschool in the mornings and then we will have tim etogether in the afternoons. Originally I planned to take it easy, just relax and have some me time but now it looks like Im crazy busy!! The front office girls are going to Soak City water park tomorrow and have pretty much talked me into going. I havent been to a water park since I was in 5th grade!

Tuesday we are going to the beach with our really good friends and old neighbors. We always have a blast hanging out with them. We used to go to the beach a lot with them too so I know its going to be a lot of fun. It might also be my only chance to go this summer so Im very excited!

Wednesday I might actually take it easy. I have a couple old friends Ive been trying to get together with so that might be the day to do it.

Thursday I have to go into the office to be trained for bleaching teeth. I dont get paid but I do get my teeth whitened. Im a little nervous only because so many people tell me its painful and Im a big chicken!! After that I might try to take Madison to sea world or something fun like that.

Friday I have to get my jewlery fixed and possibly groceries and the usual friday funness.

I might also go bug Bethany and Delaney at somepoint during the week.

Man I cant believe the week is aready over now! haha Sounds like a busy week but Im excited.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Ok so its been way too long! I originally started this so everyone would know what was going on in my life in New Mexico and now that Im back I havent written. Im bored because Johnny is running and Madison is asleep so I guess I will atleast give an update....

Im working in a dental office in poway for one of the coolest Drs Ive ever met! Shes so down to earth and never looses her cool, its very easy to work there! We are currently living with Johnnys parents which has been working out nicely. I miss having our own place but for now it is great. Johnny is working at walmart as a cashier, hes still figuring out what he wants to do.

Madison turned 3 last week. I cant believe how big shes getting and how fast its happening!! I really love being able to talk with her and finally have a taste of what her little mind is thinking! I still have bits of baby fever but have been way to busy to really think about that so thats good. There are so many things that need to happen before we have # 2! It does make it hard though when all our friends that have kids maddys age have # 2 and even # 3. Oh well, we have plenty of time for all that.

Right now everything is really good. Johnny and I are happier than we have been in a while and its nice to have that back!

Well sorry I havent written in a while and I dont know if anyone besides David (since hes my only follower!) will read this hahah but I will try my best to write again!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stay at Home Days are Gone...

On saturday we head back to CA and I am beyond excited!! Jessica is flying out here tomorrow, we are going to squeeze in every sight seeing thing we can on thursday and then pack up the truck on friday. We are planning on taking 2 days to get back so we should be there in time for Mothers Day! Happy Mothers Day Lynne!!!

I was really nervous about finding work but today I had some really great news! My friend has been working at an office for a while and told me forever ago that I needed to come back because they were going to be hiring. She told me that they wanted to interview me and probably start on the 18th. Sounded good to me, but I hate interviews!!

Today she told me that the Dr. fed up with an assistant so badly today that she fired her so this week things are going to be crazy. She told me to just show up in scrubs ready to work on monday! So no interview!!! Im not officially hired, its more of a fill in/working interview so at least I have work for a day!! If things go well they will hire me on and the Dr. was saying that as long as I can xray and suck spit there shouldnt be a problem! Very happy to not have to stress about that now!!

Poor Johnny has to unload the truck by himself though until I get off work....Anyone want to help? haha!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stressin It Up!

Today is one week from when Jessica will be flying in. Im very very excited!! Today Johnny had work from 2 - 10 so we had a nice relaxing morning of tanning and swimming. Once he left for work I had no one to entertain my brain so I was forced to confront all my worrying. I cant wait to be back in California but once again we are moving without find work first. Everyone has been telling us how bad California is and I cant help but freak out at the possibility that its going to be difficult for us to find work. About 2 weeks ago I was replying to ads on craigslist for RDAs. I got a couple calls back but everyone needed someone to sart right away. They told me to call when I get back in town but chances are they have already found someone. I still see atleast 1 ad a day for RDAs and chances are better now before school is over and the new graduates are job hunting!

Im sure everything will work out, I just cant help stressing about it!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dash for Trash

A few days ago we were really impressed with Madison's running! Last night Johnny decided to run a 1 mile race with Maddy. He was originally going to run the 10k but found out he had to work at 8 and didnt want to call in sick so instead he took the week off of running. The 1 mile race with Maddy would be easy and for fun.

We stood in line to register them and someone from the race a couple weeks ago recognized Johnny and was asking if he was going to smoke them again. He ended up giving in and registering for the 10k.

Maddy got her number and headed to the starting line with Johnny. They ended up getting dead last mostly because Maddy was distracted by water and signs and of course her favorite park! She finished the race running with a big grin on her face!

Johnny had to hurry and warm up for his race and they were off! I headed over to the other side of the river to get a picture and to cheer him on. As he ran up to us at about 1/2 way, I heard a man telling everyone around that he was the one who had finished first at the Ocotillo race. It was cool to see that people recognized him. We headed back to the finish line where Johnny came in third.

All in all it was an exciting morning and Im very happy that we are getting Madison interested in running at such an early age! I really want to sign her up for gymnastics and soccer and swimming and everything I can when we get back now that she will be 3!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2 More Weeks!

2 Weeks from today my bestest friend in the whole wide world is flying out here to help Johnny and I move back! Im so excited! We have been friends for over 10 years and are in need of a fun adventure! We only get one day to fit in everything we can possibly do in this town but thats all you really need! We are pretty much finished packing and Johnnys last day of work is a week from thursday. See everyone soon!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Best Day!

My mom got back from California on Sunday evening, she had been gone for a week on a nice little vacation. She was out there because my grandpa had to have a hernia repaired and she wanted to help out my grandma. The surgery went well and he seems to be recovery quickly. Anyways, while she was in CA, we were here in our usual routine with Johnny working and me taking care of Cole. It was a tough week. Cole and Madison seemed to fight more than ever!! So I decided Monday needed to be a good day with just Madison and me.

I realized that back in CA I never really did anything fun with just the two of us. We always had friends or Johnny come along. There isn't that much to do here and we go to the park a lot so I decided we should go to the Living Desert State Park and Zoo. Its a tiny little place but its only $5! Its nice because its one loop around the park so it is easy to see everything. We started off looking at the birds, then pigs, and their black bear. My favorite are the wolves. They are always so active running around their exhibit. Then we saw the snakes and prairie dogs, deer and bison and ended at the wild cats. That is also really cool! There was a mountain lion laying out on the rocks like 10 ft away. The bobcat was hiding in the shade but still really easy to find. We went through the exhibits and I would ask her what noises they make or "whats that?" It really was a wonderful Mommy Daughter trip! When we were done we got lunch and were about to head to the park but my mom needed us to pick up Cole.

Johnny was off at 4 so then we headed to get him. Madison fell asleep in the car so when we got home, we took advantage and cleaned and packed up. We got most of our clothes and shoes we don't wear packed up, so now we are pretty much done.

After Madison woke up Johnny wanted to go run so Maddy and I biked along with him. Its really fun to get out and exercise together! Johnny's foot was hurting him so we switched but now Madison wanted to run with me. Johnny stayed on the bike in case she got tired but she ran almost a half mile with only a couple stops for water or curiosity. Johnny was really impressed and excited to see her love to run. He couldn't believe how easy it was for her to run the entire way and didn't even seem to be out of breath. We might take her to the track and see how long she can go.

Even though it was about 6:30 when we were done it was so hot we decided to go swimming. Madison was a little timid at first. She stayed on the float and would tell me what animal to pretend to be. After being a dolphin, dog, frog and splashing her as Shamu, I talked her into getting into the water. I had her kick and blow bubbles and then she hung out on my back while I swam around telling me to be flounder but not to go under the sea. It was getting cold so we were getting ready to get out when she says,"Momma, wait. I want to go under the sea now" So I showed her how to hold her breath and I plugged her nose and we went under really quick. She came up with a big smile on her face and was so proud of herself! Looks like Johnny and I will be competing over swimming and running!

It was a really really great family day. As much as we enjoy Cole, it was really nice to have a day with just the 3 of us.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Egg hunts and Easter baskets that's what Easter is all about right? I have no idea but this Easter really hit me. On Friday I started thinking about what had happened that day so long ago and what the weekend was really all about. I have always considered myself "religiously confused" that's what I like to call it. My mom never went to church when I was younger so the only time I went was with friends. I participated in Sunday school and learned about God's history. Then I went to visit my aunts in Colorado and went to church with them. They are Jehovah's Witnesses and what I started hearing at their meeting was different from what I heard with my friends. I began arguing with the sermons mentally thinking, "No, that's not right." I didn't favor my friends churches, that was my reaction to every conflicting sermon I heard no matter what church I was in. So I gave up, turned to science. I have always been a logical thinker and it worked better for me. I had a teacher in high school that believed in evolution but also believed that some force helped push it along, I liked that idea.

That changed completely on June 11, 2006. How can you not believe in God when you witness the incredible miracle of life?! I began to crave a stronger relationship with Him. Johnny's hardest days of work were on Sundays and I wasn't ready to go to church by myself even thought the thought crossed my mind many times. I am really looking forward to going back to Escondido and having normal lives so we can start going to church. I really want Madison to grow up going to church, I think a healthy relationship with God is a wonderful thing.

I sat thinking about this a lot yesterday and laughed at myself in my earlier days praying for some boy to like me or to help me find the homework I lost. I realized how I have changed so much in that department as well and I hadn't even realized it. Now I find myself praying for strength to overcome things or patience or guidance. I feel so ridiculous for what I used to beg for! I hope that means I am becoming more mature and will help me understand Him better as I try to grow closer.

Anyways this Easter the Easter bunny came but I also made a point to read Madison stories from the Children's Bible. I also made my first ham by myself and it turned out really great!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ocotillo Trail Challenge

Today Johnny ran the first ever Ocotillo Trail Challenge. They had a 2 mile walk/run and a 5 mile run. There were about a hundred people there which was more than they had anticipated. Johnny was very excited to actually run a race out here especially since he missed the Carlsbad 5k. We got there really early so Johnny had about an hour to try and stay warmed up.

The start was up at the Living Desert Zoo and went down onto the city streets. It was way different from the races Johnny ran in CA. They block off roads and have so many people that come out to cheer and run. Here they were lectured over and over about watching out for traffic and there was no one out watching, Im not sure many people even knew about the race.

As soon as the guy blew the whistle to start the race (no guns here either) Johnny took off to lead the pack. He had been running this course to get ready for a few weeks so he knew his limits. I took Cole and Madison down to the halfway point to try and get another look at him before he crossed the finish.

At the halfway point you would have no idea there was a race going on. I stood waiting in the High School parking lot for about 10 minutes and finally saw Johnny running up the street. We yelled good job and our love yous and headed back to the finish. There was no one in site, Johnny was in the lead by at least a mile!

We waited at the finish for another 15 minutes or so and saw him again. We were all very excited as he turned the corner to take first place!! Because both the 2 and 5 mile race were at the same time no one really realized he was the first to finish for the 5 mile. There definitely wasnt the cheering crowd hes used to at all the other races. Johnny cooled down and a few people came to congratulate him and comment on his speed. It was at least 10 minutes before any other 5 milers crossed the finish. About 30 minutes later everyone headed into the zoo to have lunch and wait for the awards. The top 2 runners (boy and girl) from both races got deer trophies. All the runners got a tshirt, admission to the zoo and lunch. It was a really fun morning and we are very proud of Johnny!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Ive seen a bazillion previews for the new Hannah Montana Movie that came out today. Ive watched the show a few times and its pretty entertaining but theres something I cant stand about Miley Cyrus. Im not a huge fan of her singing either. Anyways I saw previews for her movie an saw that Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts were going to be in it as well. Now I had to go see it. Im a sucker for all the girly teeny bopper movies. I have all the High School Musicals and all the movies Hillary Duff made so why not give Miley a try on the big screen?

Now that Im in this middle of now where town I wasnt sure if it would be playing here today. There is one movie theater in town that only has three screens in it and then a drive in that also has three screens. I checked Fandango but they didnt even have the theater listed!! So while I was out running errands I decided to drive by the theater and see if it was playing. Sure enough it was so I drove home and talked my mom into going to the 7:10 showing.

Come 6:40 I was freaking out to my mom. "We got to go, we got to go!!" She assured me that it was only a 5 minute drive there and it wouldnt be busy. Obviously my mother didnt realize how popular Hannah Montana was and that this was opening night! There was no way we were going to get good seats!!! We get our tickets and my mom waited in line for snacks and told me to go save some seats. I hurry to theater 2 and walk in to find that I was the only one there! I could help but bust up laughing. So I picked out perfect seats and was alone for about five minutes before people started coming in to join me. Beside the fact that it was a tiny movie theater, it was also ancient seating!! NO STADIUM SEATING!!! I cant believe people still have that!!

The movie stated a good 20 minutes late with only about 20 people there to watch. I guess my mom was right! I did find it pretty interesting to see that the ushers came in a lot through out the movie and would ask people to quiet down or put their feet down. Could you imagine how many people they would need to do that back in San Diego? There definitely wouldnt be a job shortage! They also had signs all over saying that if caught on the phone or texting at all in the auditorium more than once you would be kicked out. I cant remember the last time I went to a movie and didnt see the glow of someones phone!

The movie was actually really good. My kind of movie, lots of country and horses. Man Im a dork but tonight Im definitely wishing I was in Tennessee!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Cole's Birthday

Today Cole turned 7. It was a pretty busy day for him with school and tutoring and then baseball. We also went on a bike ride and watched Slum Dog Millionaire. Johnny and I got him some legos and pjs. He was acting like a brat as usual so Johnny told him he needed to watch out for the birthday goblin. He knew we were were kidding but it was the on going joke of the evening.

When he went to go to bed Johnny looked like he was going to go try and scare him but decided not to in case he scared my mom when she went to tuck him in. I couldnt help it, I had to do it! So when he went to tell my mom to tuck him in I ran in to hide under his bed, its a bunk bed so its not too difficult to get under because there isnt a bed underneath the top one. I figured he would probably see me right away but luckily he didnt. My mom came in to tuck him in but spotted me, luckily she didnt tell him. As she was leaving Cole called her a big fat monster and she told him to watch out talking to people like that. PERFECT! So after she turned off his light of course he went and turned it back on so I had to quietly text Johnny to turn them back off.

As soon as the lights were off I knew I had to move fast before he turned them back on again so I grabbed his comforter and yanked it off of him! I have never heard someone scream so loud or high pitched. I yelled the Birthday Goblin strikes again before I turned his lights back on. I feel bad but just couldnt help it. Needless to say his lights are staying on tonight and I am well aware that I am evil!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Best Birthday Party Eber!

Cole turns 7 on monday and so we had his birthday party today. He wanted a transformer party so we got all the themed cups and plates and my mom figured that would be enough. We had decided the weekend before that we should make it a pool party since the pool was all cleaned out. We found a few days ago that there was supposed to be really strong winds this weekend so I set out to find a back up plan.

I started looking online for tranformer themed parties and I got a bunch of ideas from there. We had a lot of fun but it was a lot of work. I found the different autobot characters from the movie and printed out pictures of them in robot and in vehicle form. I cut the vehicle up into puzzle pieces and put them in an envelope on the back of the robot picture. The idea was for them to complete the puzzle and that would transform them into their vehicles so they could find the allspark.

They had to complete a couple missions before transforming which didnt go totally as planned because of the wind and dirt flying in everyones eyes. The kids had to run across the yard with a handful of ice and cover megatron with it so he would remain frozen. They also had to get energy spheres out of a bucket that I filled mostly with bubbles so it was hard to see the colors and they had to get only blue ones. They had fun but we rushed it and headed back inside. They transformed into their cars and had to go on a scavenger hunt to find the allspark. Which was a box I decorated and then filled with their goodie bags. I was a little irritated because there was an older girl there that would find the clues, read them to herself and then take off for the next one leaving the little kids clueless. Then she went on about how it was so easy. I did plan it for 6 and 7 year olds not 11. Oh well!

Then for some crazy reason the kids still wanted to swim so while we made lunch we let them. It didnt last long though before they ran inside shivering! They had lunch and cake and Cole opened his presents. The other idea I read or heard somewhere was writing out the thank you cards while they opened presents and then putting it in the kids treat bags to take home so that made things really easy. I feel a little bad that Cole didnt write them though. Maybe Ill make him write more.

We finished the party with the pinata which we realized had way too much candy!!! Every kid had probably more than they got trick or treating last year!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Forever Ago!!!!

I was looking through old pictures and videos on my moms computer and found a few videos of Madison from last year when we came to visit for my spring break. I cant believe how little she looks!!!! SHES GETTING SO BIG!!!! I miss my little baby girl!

Johnny has been working 7 - 4 lately and Cole is on spring break so it has been a pretty boring week now that Kellen is gone. Not to mention its been really cold so we cant even go swimming! We are currently watching Bolt for the 6th time.

Johnny and I also have a move back date. We should be back in California on May 10! My bbf is flying out here on the 7th and then driving back with us. Its going to be so much fun!! Not to mention I dont have to deal with Kellen's farting and stinky feet! There are so many things I want to do once we are settled in CA!!! Sea World and Disneyland are at the top of my list! I cant believe we thought we could survive without Disneyland!! Anyway back to my Disney movie...

Friday, March 27, 2009

For Grandma Boo Boo



My mom called me around 5:30 this morning to let me know that it was snowing!! We have been waiting for about 4 months now to see it snow and finally we did! It wasn't like the blizzard my brother is currently stuck in but we still got to see snow falling and there was enough for the kiddos to play with when they woke up.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Mark!!

Today is Marks Birthday, well yesterday was for him since hes in Italy. So sad we dont get to visit him while hes there! Oh well, someday I'll go! Anyways Happy Birthday Mark!!

Kellen's Spring Break

Kellen came down saturday afternoon and stayed until wednesday morning. Although he spent a lot of it working on the back yard or out with mom, we had a really fun tuesday. Johnny had the day off, the pool was clean, and it was nice and sunny. Madison and the boys were brave enough to get in the pool but I thought it was way too cold so I figured Id try and get a shade of darker white. We had a bunch of fun!

When it was getting cold we headed inside to play Rock Band 2 and have dinner. I always thought Kellen was a pretty decent singer but hearing him try to sing the right notes was a painfully entertaining!

We ended the night watching Australia whish is a good movie but man is it long!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wishing I was at Davids House Today!!

As much as I would love a nice relaxing saturday, that is not how this saturday went. Kellen came down for his spring break and arrived around 3. My mom decided that since its her day off adn we have Kellen, that its time to get the backyard ready for summer. We rented a rotatiller to dig up and level the dirt for the pool.

It was a long hard day (well afternoon) of work and we are only maybe half way done. Tomorrow we are going to take Cole to teh batting cages and then go to the beach before working on the yard again.

Kellen got me the Twilight mdvd for my birthday so Im very happy about that!!! I was going to go to the midnight release party but we went to check it out at 10 and there were a bunch of little middle school girls giggling about how hot Edward is. I decided it wasnt worth it so I went home to bed.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Days Off are Good for Everyone!!

Yesterday was a really great day! Johnny had the day off so we finally got to spend some time together! We slept in until about 10 and then Johnny went running. I made breakfast for everyone and got ready for the day while Madison and I waited for Johnny. We finally decided to get Pinocchio and we splurged and got it on Blu-ray because it also comes with a regular DVD copy. It in inevitable that Madison will scratch it so its nice to have a 2nd copy!

After shopping we headed to the park for lunch and some outdoor play time. We got Wendy's and discovered that after not having fast food for a couple months its just not the same. I ended up giving the rest of my chicken sandwich to the ducks, well the bread anyway. It was a lot of fun!

Madison was getting tired so we went home and took a family nap. I finally got Madison's bike seat attached to the bike I got myself for my birthday, so when we woke up it was time for our daily bike ride. This time Johnny ran alongside us. We are trying to teach Madison left and right so we let her yell out which way to go throughout town. I think she already knows he left and right better than I do!

When we were finished with that Johnny and Cole practiced baseball while Madison and I jump roped on the trampoline. We had a really good rib dinner and then settled down to watch Pinocchio before finally doing to bed.

One of my top 10 days by far!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

All Better

Today Im 100% feeling better. It was nice! Although for some reason we got up at 5 this morning and couldnt fall back asleep. We have officially decided to move back to California so I usually have my mind spinning with thoughts about that instead of sleeping. Its going/is a boring weekend because everyone works so Im stuck with no car and kids. Oh well, Im going to try and plan a fun day with them tomorrow.

It rained yesterday which was really weird. That is the one and only time we have witnessed rain since we have moved here. Oh wait there was one other time and it had actually hailed, but still 2 days in 3 months!

Nothing else really new...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not so Great Day!

Apparently I am not allowed to have awesome days so to even it out I woke up this morning with the flu. Its been over 12 hours and I'm finally able to eat a little. Ugh, I hate being sick!!!!! Not only that both Johnny and my Mom worked today so I was left all alone with the kids. Anyone want to join my pity party? haha. Well off to try to sleep it off. Goodnight!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I forgot the best part of the day! When I was making my moms cake, Madison kept stomping back and forth around the kitchen mumbling nothings in a very angry tone. Finally I asked what was wrong. She stopped looked at me with her hands on her hips and said,"I'm just so mad!" "Why?" "Because I don't like cake and candles!" I couldn't help but crack up which only made her stomp and yell louder. Shes just so dang cute!!!!!!! Man I love my kid!

Very Great Awesome Day!

Today was a really really great day! Johnny had the day off which was really nice. Today is my moms birthday and on top of that I had am interview at the hospital for a nurses aid.

Most of the morning went to preparing for my interview at 1. I got there and the nurse informed me that she hadn't seen David (the guy who would be interviewing me) all day and he had already missed an earlier interview. So I went to wait. Luckily he remembered my interview.

It went really well, he asked me a few questions but we mostly talked about the position. He told me that he was going to recommend me to HR and then they would be the ones to make the official job offer. So I take it that means the interview went well.

Great news right? Well...the huge downside is its a 12 hour night shift and the pay isn't the greatest. Johnny really doesn't want me to take it because he likes me staying home with Madison, which I agree with but I want to help contribute. The other huge thing is that Johnny wants to move back to Cali by June so what the point in me working and then having to leave? So I told him to find out if he can transfer to CA sooner than later because there are 2 offices that are hiring right now that I would be able to get. So hes going to find out tomorrow and then I have to get back to David on Friday. Ugh..Decisions!!

After the interview I headed home to start the birthday preparations. I decided to make bbq chicken, potato salad, and a cake from scratch. We cleaned and cooked for the rest of the day. Then had a really nice sit down dinner, which we almost never had. We watched American Idol and then Johnny and I watched Nick and Norahs Infinite Play List.

All in all it was a really great day!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Unexpected Surprise

Today we got a package from Mark. It totally made my week. There was a really nice jacket for Johnny, pages from a newspaper with Marks picture, and a letter. Right away Johnny noticed that the picture of Mark in the newspaper was a picture that Johnny had taken when we were up in slow. So one of Johnnys pictures has officially been published but without credit. Mark said hes going to try and get Johnny paid. It was pretty exciting to see that. The note was also really nice. I know that Johnny is really close with Mark but I have always felt closer to David and Bethany. It was nice to hear he was thinking about all of us and in a way brought me closer to him. Very stoked, Thanks Mark!!!!
I guess I didnt really explain that Mark is in Italy playing football over there. Its an amazing opportunity and Im so jealous!

Derby Day

So somehow I got suckered into making Coles Derby car by myself. Johnny and my mom had to work. The whole process was a disaster! I only had a little hand saw and I know nothing about designing awesome cars. So he got a triangle car with some nickles glued to it. It didnt take first but it also wasnt last so that was good. I will deffinatly not be doing it next year! Theres a bunch of hard core derby dads out there. A bunch of them built their own cars for fun races afterwards.
Madison found herself a boyfriend. Ian was a little boy running around and Madison glued herself to him. It was pretty interesting but untill I have a boy I think Im done with Derbys!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Missing Cali Already!

We left at the same time Bruce and Lynne left for work. We hit really bad morning traffic but it wouldnt be a complete CA experience without morning traffic. We even went to the DMV because we discovered Johnny's expired license when trying to buy beer for Jessica's birthday.

The drive back seemed to take way longer! Madison did really well in the car so that was nice. She would either watch movies, sing or look out the windows. Shes such a good kid! She went the entire trip to Disneyland and back to NM without a diaper. I cant believe shes potty trained, when did that happen?!

All in all it was a great trip back. We saw most of the people we wanted to see. I wish we had more time to see the Haros and Sandy, hopefully next time! Only 3 more months!!

Happy Birthday to Me!

I turned 23 and wanted to spend that day with Mickey. We headed to Disneyland with Jessica and her nephew Alex on Monday morning. When we first go there it seemed really crowded but I think that was mostly because the park hadn't opened yet. We headed straight for Tomorrow Land, mixing it up a bit because we always go to Adventure Land. First ride? Space Mountain of course. Madison is finally over 40 inches so it was time to introduce her to the big rides. Johnny sat next to her and sadly it was really hard to enjoy because I was listening the whole time for her cries or screams. She never cried and when it was over she said, "Rocket fun, it go 'round and 'round and whoa whoa whoa!" Success! We went on Finding Nemo and Buzz.

Johnny and Jessica are extremely competitive when it comes to anything. One time when we went to CA Adventure Madison and I sat together and then Jessica and Johnny went on together, as usual but she had her nephew so she told him to pretend to shoot. Hahaha She knows shes evil! Anyways we finish the ride and discover that Johnny has the high score for the day. He was very excited and it was fun because they showed his picture on the tvs by the emailing station.

The rest of the day was a lot of fun. We went on pretty much everything and had to wait maybe 20 minutes. It rained for about 20 minutes and of course that was when we went on splash mountain! Madison really liked that ride, which only proves more that she takes after Johnny! Madison had so much fun with Alex. They were so cute together! It really made the day easy with them to entertain each other. We had so much fun!! I really loved Small World and all the new characters they added, it really made it fun to look for them throughout the ride! Now we just have to wait 3 more months before we go again! We are going to make Lynne go on her birthday. We are saving Maddy's first time Storybook land for when Lynne comes and I dont know how much longer we can stay off of it. Madison was asking about it while we were there this time.
We stayed till it closed (which was one 8) and caught the ending of Fantasmic so Madison could watch the fireworks. It made me cry watching her face light up as she saw Mickey. I love that we had made Disney such a big part of her life and that she absolutely loves Mickey and all the other characters!
I cant wait to go back!!!

Hello California!

Johnny and I planned a much needed trip back to CA. We decided it would be fun to surprise Johnny's mom and then go to Disneyland for my birthday.

4 AM Thursday morning we headed to Cali. The drive went pretty fast, especially since we were really excited! Once we passed into California it was amazing. Looking around at all the green and trees, Johnny said it looked like we were entering into heavan or something. Then we hit traffic! I am loving that new carpool lane that is for sure!

Bruce tells us to meet him at IHOP and then we will wait for Lynne there, Johnny says,"So what happens if mom doesnt want to go out to dinner?" Long story short, she didnt want IHOP so we met her at Chilis. Bruce went in first and we followed shortly after. Lynne had no clue at all and was fully focused on her menu. We walked up to the table and said,"Can we sit with you guys?" It was exactly the reaction I wanted, Lynne's mouth dropped open and her eyes lit up. She almost looked like she could cry complete tears of joy. That was completly worth the 14 hour drive plus the hour waiting around for her. We had a good dinner, better than we would have had at IHOP so the change in resturants was fine by me. Then we headed back home to spend the weekend with the family.

The weekend was pretty fun. I saw my grandma for a birthday lunch and then on sunday we drove up to see David and Bethany's new house. Im so jealous! They have a beautiful front yard and is huge! Bethany is so amazing when it comes to decorating (I have no idea how much David helped but who ever did a wonderful job!) Its a amazong first house, not too big but not too small and it seriously looked like it could be a model house the way they had it all set up.

Madison and Delaney played while Bethany and I got pedicures. It was a very nice treat/birthday present! Thanks again Bethany!! Then we headed down for birthday dinner at Bruce and Lynnes. It was really nice to spend the day with my extended family! I really feel like we have always been family and Im greatful to be so close with all of them!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcome to the Twilight Zone

Johnny keeps saying how he feels living in this town is like being in a Twilight Zone. I thought I would write about the totally crazy things that go on here:

The grass is yellow during the winter but some people spray paint their yards green

The main street is 25 mph as it goes through town

There are only 3 screens in the movie theater and it isnt stadium seating!

Admission to the Zoo is $5 for 6+ years old and free for those under 6

The high school here was supposed to be in Carlsbad, CA. Someone sent the plans to this Carlsbad on mistake and they built the school here. Its such a nice school too!

The only thing to do here is go to the movies, bowling, and camping and yet there is no where near as much graffiti or vandalism as there is in San Diego.

I found a handful of houses that are for sale for less than $40,000

The stop lights are sideways and green arrows go to full green so you never have to stop and wait to turn left, you just have to yield (unless its red of course)

There are way too many people here that dont know how to use computers, I guess thats the norm in small towns

Construction only delays you maybe 2 minutes

There are a bunch of abandoned buildings everywhere, it almost makes me feel like we are in Radiator Springs

It is perfectly acceptable to go around town, running errands in your pajamas

Theres probably a million more things I have yet to discover!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Go Thunderwolves!

Yesterday was pretty fun. My mom, Cole, Madison and I drove up to Las Vegas, NM to watch my brother wrestle. It took us about 5 hours to get there but we stopped at Albertsons and that took an hour in itself. The drive was pretty uneventful, the kids watched movies in the back while my mom and I made small talk.

I realized I left my Sugarland CD in her car so I was very excited to have some music after a couple hours. After listening and singing along through the CD a bazillion times I decided I have to see them this year! I havent been to a concert since Green Day my freshman year of high school. I found out they are on tour with Kenny Chesney but they arent coming to San Diego. They are going to Albuquerque so hopefully I can talk my mom into going with me! I dont know why I have such a sudden need to go see someone sing in person but I do. I would love to see Taylor Swift or Rascal Flatts, but for some reason I want to see Sugarland the most. We will see if it happens...
Back to wrestling....We got there about 2 hours before the dual meet started so we went to find a bathroom. My incredible baby refused to pee in her diaper and waited for us to get to a bathroom. I didnt realize this until just before we got to the gas station however, I felt so bad! Then we just sat in the car in the warmth waiting for it to get closer to when we could go in to watch.

I hadnt seen Kellen wrestle since he was at EHS so I was really excited! Both teams took turns winning and Kellen was 4th to wrestle. That was so intense! We were standing and screaming and shaking and bail biting the whole time! Then of course Im in my hormonal state of mind for the month so I was fighting back tears that usually come with such tension! He has had a rough season so far and we know he has been struggling to keep in his weight class. We dont understand why he wont move up so he doesnt have to starve himself. Anyways after circling the mat a million times head to head Kellen finally almost had the guy pinned. The ref counted to 4 and then his opponent was able to get himself up. Kellen didnt pin the guy but he still won with the most points. We were very excited to see him win!
We got to talk to him a little during the meet and then he met up with us afterwards. I dont get to see him much and even though he drives me incredibly insane, I didnt realize how much I really miss him. We gave him his Valentines cards and candy and then turned around to head home. The meet stated at 7 and was over by 8:30, and we had atleast a 4 hour drive back home. I drove home trying to let my mom sleep since she had to be at work early the next morning. We got home at 1 am and even though we were mostly driving it was a lot of fun and worth seeing Kellen!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is 7 years since my first kiss with Johnny! Thats older than my brother!!! I just cant wrap my mind around 7 years! Sadly we are spending Valentine's Day apart, well the afternoon anyway, but thats ok. Johnny said hes going to leave out my present for when I get home.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!